B2B: 4 Plus 1 ways to be your Customer’s Favorite

B2B buying process has been changing at a pace faster than most of the businesses are able to catch up. If you are a B2B seller, then you have landed on the right page. I am writing this article to highlight the four most critical pain points of the B2B buyers, which need to be resolved before the customer changes you. In the end is the tip of the day for you to be your customer’s favorite.

1. Information

91% of the B2B customers, conduct their research on the internet and mostly via search engines. The most searched information is product pricing, reviews from peers and peer company and brand reviews. So unless you are on the top charts on social media and search engines, you prepare to have a better luck for next time. Search engine optimization with the right mix of data on your website attracts customers. However do not overload your customer with too much information which may bog him down. So if you are planning to invest in the digital media ad campaigns, Google AdWords and the likes then you have already made the first move to beat the competition. They key is to match what the consumer wants to what you are offering.

2. Delivery Time

Most of the B2B buyers face the issue of delayed deliveries .Capital intensive orders which largely influence their consumer base, make them demand aggressively. You have to be careful in meeting the promised timelines, often the delivery date is quoted not considering the production timelines. So do not jump the board to promise unrealistic delivery dates. It is better to promise a later date and meet it, than to have a frustrated customer with unfulfilled expectations. Improved internal task management and flexible workflows will support takt time and help reduce the lead time. A happy customer is what you want at the end of the day.

3. Mass personalization

Once the prospective buyer lands on your website, do you have it personalized according to him? If no, then you are losing out. The user is often unable to find the relevant content, and returns back confused or switches over to competition. According to a survey at least 95% of the B2B content marketers tailor their content in at least one way either aligning to the industry trends or to the profile of the individual decision makers. Since 90% of the buyers browse vendor websites expecting to find information about “products and services” available directly on home page. An even higher rate (93%) are either annoyed or actually leave the site if interrupted by a video or audio that plays automatically. So having the right kind of communication is also significant. Mass personalization is the true individualization in today’s age, catch up on that fast.

4. Samples. To not just look but to feel

Being a capital intensive purchase, the buyers often demand samples to the feel the product. For a toy, it’s the feel. For a drink, it’s the taste. For a fragrance, it’s the smell. The lead time for the samples should be optimized to reduce the cycle time for approval. Also the sample is the best opportunity for you to showcase what you have in store for the buyer. So send out the samples to the client for more exposure, feedback and consideration.

+1 #TIP of the Day

Treat the customer in the B2B space as an individual. Bridge the gap. Move from promotion to emotion by connecting the B2B customers to your brand.

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