Do’s & Dont’s of Corporate Gifting, Explained!

Corporates couldn’t agree more, that gifting or rewarding employees, clients or probable clients is beneficial for Business.
It can enhance Business relationships, develop loyalty in a Cost-Effective way if planned well.

The quality of gifts depends on the sincerity of the giverAnn Patchett

There are many reasons why Corporate Gifting is different from Personal Gifting & there are certain required ethics which to be followed when providing a Gift to Corporates or its employees

The DO’s

  • Be Unique

    Gone are the days when gifts like pens, sweets or other not so useful things were in demand. Nowadays Customised Bags, Photoframes appeal more, given its utility.

  • ECO - The latest Fad

    People across the world have realized the importance of using eco friendly sustainable products, which not only saves the environment but at the same time gives that premium look which makes sure that you get noticed.

  • Branding

    Do not forget to give a snapshot of the services your provide in a very subtle or innovative way. Utility items with custom design & logo will make sure that your brand is noticed not only by the person himself but others too.

The DONT’s

  • Check Corporate Policies

    Not all corporates have the same corporate gifting policy. Certain companies do not favour any kind of gifting whereas certain companies specify a value or limit to the kind of gifts or attach a certain moneytary value limit to it.

  • Don't Expect any Favour in return

    Do not expect any kind of Hospitality or help while gifting. This kind of expectation not only kills the whole purpose but puts you in a bad position for any future conversation or negotiation

  • Do not take any religious stance

    Your customers are present across different cities, states or countries, following different religious ideologies & cultures. Make sure you do not take a stance or a sided view over any religious matter

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