Where others see Jute, We see a world of Possibilities

India being the largest cultivator of the ‘Golden Fiber’ has all the potential to meet the global demand, yet there is a greater demand for jute in Europe than in the local market. Despite its strong recognition globally, the fiber fails to attract the Indian consumer. Though recently government initiatives have been taken up for promoting jute and building a premium perception of the same, yet many public as well as private businesses fail to recognize the possibilities that exist. But we at ExpoStores see a whole new world of possibilities where others see jute.

1. Possibility of making the planet a better and greener place

Jute is a true blue environmentally friendly benign product. With the entire lifecycle from the production to the decomposition of jute being completely environment friendly, Expostores focusses not only in caring about the livelihood of rural community but also the holistic development of a greener planet.


2. Possibility of connecting rural artisans to a billion population of India

With nearly 85% of the total jute production taking place in the Ganges Delta coupled with international standard research and development provisions for cultivation, designing machinery and product development India has the potential to become the largest exporter of jute. The artisans in the rural India are skilled to craft various finished products from jute such as bags, sandals, folders, mats and the like. At Expostores we aim to connect these rural artisans to the global market via its online platform www.expostores.com.











3. Possibility of offering customers with fashionable premium alternatives to traditional products like rubber and plastics

With changing times the customer wants are changing. The modern consumer is shifting to more eco-friendly solutions. At Expostores we want your business to be at par with the changing trends, so we bring to you the finest collection of premium alternatives for your customers.


4. Possibility of bringing affordable customised solutions

Jute is one such raw material that can be easily customised, with change in color, design and print. With the markets moving from the generalization to personalization, customizing the products as per the customer desire is critical. We at Expostores are the leaders in customizing any product you choose.


With these solutions we believe that jute is not just a fiber, but a means to meet a lot many ends.

Go explore these possibilities with your customers. Happy shopping at www.expostores.com .

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