The Ultimate Guide to Bulk Buying

Buying in bulk can save people money. Businesses that offer the option to make bulk purchases want to give everyone the opportunity to afford better products, and increase their sales volume at the same time. Bulk buying is not as simple as it seems, it is an art that requires the perfect mix of intellect and skill. The goal of any buyer is to save money. A well – executed bulk purchase of an item can save you a lot of money. A poorly executed one can cost you money, and I would say is the hardest way to learn this skill.

So here goes a list of some guidelines for bulk buying.

1. Never Bulk Buy an item you haven’t tried before

Don’t waste your time and money in bulk buying a product that you haven’t tried and used personally before. You should be sure that the product works for your needs, before investing in the purchase. At Expostores, we make this step easy for you by sending the samples of the product for you to experience and test before the final purchase.

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2. Always explore your options

Do not rest in peace with a single vendor. Always continue exploring, and what best channel other than internet. Look for vendors online, get the quotations, compare and then choose. A vendor with online presence, who makes the purchase process easier by supporting in packing, distribution, tracking and lowering costs is the best option to explore. Expostores is not just another portal for you to help identify vendors, but your strategic partner that supports you in the entire procurement journey. To know more visit

3. Do not let the supplier decide your need

You understand your needs the best. Do not accept the terms of the suppliers blindly. Ask for customization, changes in design and material if needed. When the supplier says no to change, then it is time to replace him/her. We at Expostores believe that customer comes first, and offer customization even for the bulk orders. Change the design, material or style as per your needs. We will never say no . Try the customization feature at

4. Never just trust the instinct

When you are going for bulk purchases, do not just follow what the website of your vendor says. Explore online reviews, and critic’s analysis and then make a calculated decision. Check the traffic on the website and also conduct a thorough check on the history and past performance of the supplier.

Just a final tip: Bulk buying can save you a lot of money, but just don’t charge in. Plan things in advance a little bit and you’ll be very glad you did.


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